Taiwan national health insurance template in PSD format, with fonts



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The NHI provides comprehensive benefits that cover inpatient care, outpatient care, drugs, dental services, traditional Chinese medicine, daycare for the mentally ill and home-based medical care.

Fully editable Taiwanese national health insurance template – easy to fill.

You need Photoshop to edit this template.
We made the sample in PSD format, as it has many benefits:
○ every layer has its name and is made simply, as any beginner can handle easily.
○ easily modify your information (name, address, date, and other layers,…).
○ save the image in JPG, PNG, PDF or another suitable format, while it is possible to save and work a copy of the file in PSD format, in case you need to go back to editing.

Download the Word file after purchase and change almost every field you need.
You can edit and print the bank statement template as much as you want, it is very easy to handle.

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